Beatsbody´s 6 Different Colours of Percussion Massage Guns Ireland
Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0
Silver Massage Gun Beatsbody
Black Massage Gun Ireland / Spain
Red Massage Gun Beatsbody
Carbon Coloured Massage Gun
Pink Massage Gun Beatsbody
Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0
Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0
Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0
Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0
Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0
Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0
Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0
Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0
Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0
Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0
Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0
Beatsbody Massage Gun in Case with all attachemnts and charger
Brushless motor and quiet massage gun
30 speed levels of beatsbody massage gun
Massage gun showing user guide and speed controls
Beatsbody massage gun and configurations

Beatsbody Massage Gun 3.0

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Beatsbody are excited to launch our new and innovative massage gun to help you relax, refresh, revitalize and improve your overall health and well-being. 

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Beatsbody 3.0 Summary:

  • 2500mAh
  • 6 hours working time
  • 6 interchangeable heads
  • LCD Display, 30 speed-shifting
  • 1600 - 3300 PPM
  • 12-16 mm depth beating, 
  • 45 DB noise reduction with a 55 mm brushless motor
  • Efficient heat reduction
  • Ergonomic hand grip
  • Special 1 year Warranty Included


The Beatsbody Massage Gun in Action


✔️ Excellent for Muscle recovery, increasing flexibility, breaking down scar tissue, increasing your range of motion and helping you feel better from the aches and pains of daily life. Accelerates warm up and recovery, promotes circulation and helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. 

This Beatsbody Massage Gun also helps a vast range of injuries and conditions such as Tennis Elbow, Hamstrings Strains, Back Ache, Stiff Neck, Improves Circulation, Knee Injuries, Back Pain, Sciatic Pain, Headaches. Great for reducing stress and helps improve flexibility from sitting at your office desk all day.

✔️ Quiet Technology Watch your favourite TV shows while you recover. As quiet as an electric toothbrush with special noise reduction technology. 45dB.

✔️ Innovative Dynamic Controls You are in control of your massage gun´s force and speed setting as you apply pressure to the muscle groups. Taking a glance the special LCD screen will show you the speed setting and also the battery life remaining and you can easily use the touch buttons to increase or decrease speed. Customized speed settings ranging from 1600 - 3300 percussions per minute (PPM) . You control your recovery at the pace that suits you. 

✔️ Interchangeable Heads Easily change the 6 different attachments of the massage gun to customize your experience and target different muscle groups to increase relaxation, recovery and rehabilitation of your injuries. Each attachment helps you better target and recover specific muscle groups.

✔️ Lightweight The first Massage Guns on the market were relatively heavy and difficult to use. Our products are designed so they are both durable and easy to use with an excellent user experience. Our lightweight materials makes it easy to take your recovery and relaxation device with you on the go. Use your Beatsbody massage anytime, anywhere. 

✔️ Battery Life and Performance 2500mAh Lithium battery, 2 hours charging time, 6 + hours of continuous use in the highest gear. Bring your Massage Gun with you and use multiple times without having to re charge. Ad hoc use and the battery can last for days at a time. Excellent performance from an excellent recovery tool.