Our Story



¨Being in recovery does not mean immunity from pain; it means learning to take loving care of ourselves when we are in pain¨

Beatsbody Massage Guns Ireland was established to empower and revolutionise people of all ages to take action and help improve individual health, wellbeing and recovery. The people behind Beatsbody are highly qualified and have an extensive background in Sports & Exercise Science. We have spent many years working within the industry and have helped individuals overcome their muscle aches and pains. Beatsbody develop valuable products to ensure that our customers can live healthy and injury free lives. Our product brings convenience, comfort and invigoration. The Health and Fitness industry have gradually taken the power out of individuals hands making them more reliant on others in this industry. Our goal is to put "recovery back in your hands".
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Beatsbody Mission 

In today's society we are more inclined to lead a sedentary lifestyle, this has ultimately resulted in a lack of mobility, an increase in injuries and a reduction in overall wellbeing. Regardless of your athletic ability it is important to schedule in time for recovery and recuperation. Beatsbody will revolutionise your exercise regime and put the power of recovery back in your hands!
We are excited to introduce our new and exciting Massage Gun Technology. Beatsbody Massage Guns Ireland will help you feel better, improve your recovery and is an excellent way to relieve stress after a workout or after a hard day´s work. Spend only minutes in the comfort of your own home achieving what normally takes 60+minutes and at a high cost at any Physical Therapy Clinic. Our technology helps reduce tension, improve muscles aches & pains, increases flexibility & range of movement but more importantly, using our product will improve your quality of life and reduce stress at the switch of a button.