Paul Brennan

Paul Brennan (Dongeal Gaa)

We are very happy to have Paul on board as one of our Brand Ambassadors. Paul has been a senior county footballer now for a number of years and an important part of Declan Bonners set up regularly playing in the center back position. Most recently Paul has won 2 Ulster Senior titles and a National League Title with Donegal Gaa Seniors. This is coupled with a number of other notable achievmentswith both club and county. 

Paul is a powerhouse in the Donegal defense and is normally the go to man marker for the oppostions key players. Due to this Paul takes on a massive workload in his games and we are very happy that our Beatsbody 3.0 helps Paul´s recovery after matches and training.

Paul recently started using our Beatsbody 3.0 and has told us that is great to help quicken his recovery and that is also very useful to bring with him on long journeys to matches and training to help him get his warm up in early.