María José Minguez

We are very happy to have Maria José on board as one of our Beatsbody Brand Ambassadors. Maria José is a very well known International model best known for being the face of famous fashion brands such as Eucerin, Sephora, Max Factor and Guess. She has also participated in many reality TV shows and been very successful in International Modeling contests ranging from Miss Universe to Miss Multiverse. 
Maria José has always placed an important emphasis on health and well-being and has a passion for yoga, meditation and dancing. She also regularly competed in both ballet and gymnastics when she was younger. 
Maria Jose has had a very successful career to date. To name but a few of her achievements: 
✔️ 3rd Runner Up at Miss Multiverse 2020
✔️ Miss Alpha Female 2020 (Miss Multiverse)
✔️ Miss Princess of the World Spain 2011
✔️ First Dama Miss Spain International  2010
Maria José is currently living between Spain and Arab Emirates and has recently signed with a top modeling agency in New York and it is among her future aspirations to develop her career in the USA.
Marie Jose thoughts on her Beatsbody:
¨I have been using the Beatsbody Massage Gun over the last number of months and it has been really helpful. It is great to use after a flight or after a long days work shooting. I can feel how improves the circulation and helps me to recover faster for my hectic schedule. I highly recommend everyone to get their Beatsbody Massage Gun for use at home and on the go. This massage gun should be include as one of everyone's basics list items to help them support a healthy life style that all of us wish to have.¨
We wish Marie Jose all the best with her career in 2021 and are sure she will have even more success.