Why do you need a Massage Gun and what are its benefits?

What is a Massage Gun?

Massage Guns are now becoming more widely used across Ireland and many other European countries. Massage guns normally referred to as percussion devices, hand held massages, percussive therapy or vibration therapy, these are now more common than the previous use at home recovery tools that we have had access to for a number of years.

Massage guns use Percussive force to relax your muscles and promote quicker recovery and healing. They can refresh, relax and revitalize your body in a matter of minutes. Anybody can use a massage gun and as they are portable can easily be taken with you to your work or gym. 

What are benefits of a massage gun and how do you measure them?

Massage Guns have many different benefits. These range from helping with physical pain, improving flexibility, mental benefits, general well-being, relaxation or just making you feel good.

Rather than explaining in detail and using scientific jargon let us share with you the benefits that some of our Beatsbody community have felt while using their Beatsbody massage gun.


Beatsbody Massage Gun Testimonials: 


Massage Gun Ireland_ Best Massage Gun in Ireland


¨Got the BeatsBody Massage Gun as a Christmas present from my Wife and i LOVE it!! I'm recovering from ACL reconstruction and with the rehab and training this gun releases all the tension and tightness in my muscles. Highly recommend it¨

¨At Fútbol Club Británico we enjoy using the Beats Body gun. It helps us with our recovery and it’s a very useful resource to have seeing as we don’t have a team Physio. A great addition to the club and I would recommend it to many clubs out there to invest in one¨.

¨As an elite athlete, my recovery is very important and the Beatsbody Massage Gun is a great way for me to recover after track and gym sessions, especially when I have extra training sessions. I feel the lightweight and portable Beatsbody device makes recovery on the go more efficient when traveling to and from competitions, with a battery life to rely on¨.

¨The BeatsBody is great to help quicken recovery and it is also very useful to bring along on long journeys to training and matches to help with an early warm up and great to get a quick recovery afterwards¨.

¨Keeping the body fresh and ready for training and games is so important and recovery is a huge part of that. The Beatsbody allows me to start the recovery process straight away after training or a game. The multiple attachments ensures I can target all areas of muscles in my body. It is portable, easy to use and carry in my gear bag¨.

¨I bought the Beats Body after it was highly recommended by a friend who also plays a lot of sport. I use it before exercise to loosen my muscles and after exercise to prevent any muscle soreness. I would definitely recommend the Beats Body massage gun, not just for people who play sports but for everyday muscle relief¨.

¨The Beatsbody massage gun is a great piece of equipment, a must have. Have heard of people using these for recovery, but they are equally as good for relaxation and to unwind. Wouldn't be without out it. Definitely try it out¨.

¨As it was a gift my partner got great benefit out of the Beatsbody massage gun, quiet operating and very light weight and very powerful easy to use definitely recommended¨.

¨I started using the Beatsbody Massage Gun to help loosen up and activate certain muscles before playing golf (especially before early morning tee times). I find it brilliant because I don't feel stiff standing on the first tee anymore, which was something I often felt before incorporating this into my routine. I also use it whenever my body feels tight or if I have a little niggle and I really do get great relief from it because the gun is so powerful. More recently I became aware that it's something a lot of Tour players are doing as part of their warm-up and recovery which doesn't surprise me. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has an active lifestyle because you will see the benefit¨.

¨In my profession as a barber I have developed an ongoing sore back. I bought a Beatsbody massage gun to help me manage this. By using it each day it makes my workday a bit easier. I highly recommend it!¨.

¨I have been on the lookout for a massage gun for a while. When I came across Beatsbody massage gun, saw the affordable price and great specifications I couldn't resist. I had recently upped the ante in the gym and my body was feeling it! I incorporated 10-15 mins of the Beatsbody into my morning routine and loved the results. The muscle relief I got after each use of my Beatsbody massage device allowed me to approach my workouts with the same intensity day after day. Highly recommended!¨.

We hope you have enjoyed reading how the Beatsbody massage gun has helped many of our customers to date. 



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  • Michael

    Very good read on something I may soon be investing in . I’m picking up more injuries with old age , and it’s great to see the benefits of using a massage gun!

  • Alex

    Love the feedback, good to know the benefits of the massage Gun.

  • Brian

    Great article and interesting read. Good to see the massage guns benefits from different users. Thanks.

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