How to use the attachments on a Massage Gun?

How do you use the attachments on a Massage Gun or what does the attachments on a massage gun do?
These are some of the most frequently asked questions by many sports people, athletes and people with common injuries. It is very important that you understand how and why to use each attachment. 
In this article we will explain using some images and descriptions on how to best use a massage gun and the benefits of each attachments.
1. The Bullet:
The bullet attachment is designed for precise massage and targeting specific areas of a muscle. It is perfect for targeting trigger points and alleviating tight muscles knots that are difficult to reach.

It is small, precise and allows for maximum precision to help reduce tension in areas that larger attachment just can’t reach.
2. The Spade:
Our next attachment "The Spade" it is actually a great addition to the BeatBody attachments.

The Spade is perfect for targeting muscle groups such as the pelvis, IT Bands and shoulder blades. These muscles normally have bony structure just below the surface so the Spade is the perfect attachment to use here as it targets these areas with even gentle pressure.

This attachment is able to deep dive into the muscle tissue and is used to zone in and harder to reach areas. It is great for a full body massage and relaxation.
3. Finger Head:
This attachment achieves exactly what you’d would expect. It provides greater focus of power and impact than the normal ball attachment, the finger attachment is ideal for areas feeling more painful and that may also have higher levels of tension.

This attachment will reach deeper into your muscle fibers and help reduce tension and is excellent to use before or after workouts and exercise.

Also suitable in areas such as the palm of the hand and sole of the foot.
4. The Fork:
This attachment is great for massaging the muscles either side of your spine. It is best used on unevenly shaped parts of the body such as the erector spinae muscle group.
This is a very useful attachment as it can reach parts of body that other attachments can not. This attachment is also great to target the muscles in upper neck and shoulders.
5: The Flat Head:
This attachment is suitable for full body massage and relaxation. It can be used on all your main muscles like the shoulder blades, pecs, quads, and back. The flat head is one the most used attachments as it can be used on all muscle groups.

We hope you get great use of this attachment and that it puts your recovery back in your hands.
The Ball Head:
Finally the last and most commonly used Beatsbody attachment is the Large Ball Head. The ball is usually considered the softest, easiest-to-use massage gun attachment.

This attachment is one of the most popular of all of the attachments. It is very versatile, and is ideal for beginners.
The large ball head is predominantly used for both large and small muscle groups like the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. It covers a larger surface area, enabling you to target the larger muscle groups all at once. You can virtually use it on any muscular part of your body. You can move between muscles easily as the attachment has a soft foam covering to reduce friction.

We are sure the above guidance will help to use your Beatsbody more efficiently and make sure that recovery is back in your hands.

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  • Barry McGowan

    In my profession as a barber I have developed an ongoing sore back. I bought a Beatsbody to help me manage this. By using it each day it makes my workday a bit easier. I highly recommened it the Beatsbody massage gun for anyone with back pain. My favourite attachment is the ball .

  • Shane Dalton

    Thanks for sharing a very informative article. As a sufferer of shoulder pain I was convinced this was the product I needed when I became aware of the Spade tool which comes with the product.

    The product is top notch and the purchase experience on the website itself was simple and easy.

    The support team were also very helpful with any queries I had about the product before purchasing.

    Would recommend this product to anyone.

    Shane Dalton

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