How Percussion Therapy and a Massage Gun can help runners!


Do you ever get pain or tenderness in your calf muscle after running or exercising?

It is usually one of these 3 muscles units where the pain is coming from.

Your calf muscle is split into 3 muscle groups:

  • Gastrocnemius
  • Soleus
  • Achilles tendon 

Depending on the level of the pain, it is best to rest and ice for 24/48 hours. After this you can start doing some gentle movements or stretches. This is when the beatsbody massage gun come to great use.

Gentle percussions from the massage gun will help to re-activate the muscles, increase blood flow, break down and realign the muscle fibers. This helps with your recovery and makes it less likely that you will injury this muscle again.


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  • Gerrard

    Nice read and thanks for sharing. Massage Guns definately mak running and recovery easier.

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