COVID-19 And The Most Common Muscle Injury in 2020?


What is the most common injury today! Is it leg injuries, Arms, Feet, Ankles......It seems to be the same in most countries whether is it Ireland, Spain, UK, Belgium, Netherlands etc...

The most common muscle strain or injury nowadays tends to be neck and back pain. Is there a quick fix I hear you ask! Most of the time the answer is no....Can a Massage Gun help! Let us explain further ...

COVID-19 has caused a number of changes to the way we work. Offices are now empty and while some offices are returning to work the future of working is definately working from home. 

The biggest issue now facing the work from home population will more than likely get worse for many and result in more people complaining of neck and back pain.


Massage_Gun_Ireland_Spain_Solving_neck and_back_problems


Nobody has time to go to a Physical Therapist every week and it is hard to set your home working space more suitable to ensure postures are correct throughout the day!

Here Are Some Tips! The First things we can do to improve this include:

  • Listen to your body.
  • Keep moving around at least every 20 mins or less.
  • Make sure all your work items are within reaching distance.
  • Phone headsets can help.
  • Regular stretching 
  • Take regular breaks
  • When sitting try and keep your shoulders back and pull your stomach in.
  • Retain a neutral posture and avoid the forward-head position.
  • Invest in an ergonomically designed chair.

A new trend that has recently evolved is a massage gun or percussion gun. They are available in many countries worldwide including Ireland, Spain, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France etc ...

How can this help I hear you asking .... Check out this Beatsbody Massage Gun In action!

It is a Great way to relax the neck, shoulder and back muscles in just a few seconds! Homeworking now made easier. 

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